Mulberry silk scrunchie

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Mulberry silk is the softest fabric for contact with hair, protecting it from breakage and pulling. It also has antibacterial properties. Hair acquires a healthy shine.

Belamu silk scrunchies are made of 100% natural silk - Mulberry type. It is Mulberry silk that is considered a top-class, characterized by special quality and durability. The density of Belamu scrunchie's silk is 30 momos. Mom describes the strength and durability of silk. The more momos, the denser, heavier, less wrinkled and longer lasting the silk. For example, 16-22 mom silk is commonly used for bed sheets. The density of belamu rubber silk is as high as 30 momos.

Belamu silk srunchies use twice as long silk fabric as usual, which makes them spread out beautifully and look luxurious.

Silk srunchie care:

  • Use only detergents or shampoos designed for silk. Do not bleach in any way!
  • Hand wash in lukewarm water (up to 40 degrees) or silk program in the washing machine.
  • It is recommended to iron with a steam iron or to iron at a temperature no higher than 150 degrees in silk mode.

100% Mulberry silk

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Brand Belamu
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