1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1 These Rules and regulations of buying and selling goods (Further as “Terms and Conditions”)  are made to ensure Customers and Karibus LTD (Further as “Seller”) rights, to establish duties , conditions of buying and paying for goods, delivery and return procedures. Also indicates information the buyer must provide, established by Laws of Republic of Lithuania, privacy policies and other terms of selling and purchasing goods in association with www.belamu.com online store (Further as "online store").

1.2 For use of services in online store, the Customer must get acquainted with rules established in Terms and Conditions.  By making an order in online store , the Customer confirms that he got acquainted with all the Terms and Conditions. If a customer misunderstood or didn’t understand Terms and Conditions the Seller accepts no liability and unconditionally is released from it.

1.3 In these guidelines, any person who buys in an online store or uses any other services is considered to be a customer.

1.4 The Seller keeps the right to change Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with legal requirements.  Changes take effect the moment they are established and are valid to all transactions that are made after their establishment. The Customer is advised to revise Terms and Conditions with every purchase of goods and/or services, to ensure he understands the Term and Conditions that are valid at the moment of transaction.

Last update of Terms and Conditions was on 2020-September-2nd


2. Seller Information

2.1  Seller and the owner of the online store is Karibus LTD.

registration code 303341682

Headquarters : Savanorių pr. 104, Kaunas LT-44147

VAT number :  LT100009164711.

2.1 You can find more information about seller here : About Us

2.2 You can find sellers contact information here : Contacts


3. Sale and purchase agreement

3.1 When using the online store the Customer chooses products and a shopping cart is formed.
For successful order and delivery of chosen products , Customer must provide correct personal information  in appropriate fields provided by the Seller at the online store.

3.2 To order goods in the online store, Customer has two options:

3.2.1 By creating a personal account in the online store, logging in and making an order.

3.2.2 By making an order as a Guest (without an Account). In this case the Customer must provide correct personal information every time an order is made.

3.3 Sale and purchase agreement (further as “Agreement”) is considered to be made and order of goods received, when choosing to pay for goods in shopping cart, by online banking, bank transfer, PayPal then confirming the method of payment by pressing the button “ORDER”  and making the payment for all the goods in the shopping cart , delivery fees, and other extra charges that may or may not apply, and the money is transferred to the seller's bank account.

3.4 The Seller confirms the Customer's order of goods and made Agreement by sending an automated email with all the essential information about the order to Customers specified email address.

3.5 The Seller has the right to contact the Customer with a provided phone number or an email on the basis of Agreement or any issues that may occur with it.

3.6 When an order is received by Seller for its execution , the seller will check if all of the goods(by the type and quantity) are available in his warehouse. If the Seller won’t be able to deliver all or part of the goods in a manner specified in these terms , the Customer will receive a notice to specified email within one workday from when the Agreement was made and will have the option to wait for full delivery of the order, accept only the available part of the order to be delivered or cancel the order.

3.7 By making the Agreement the Customer agrees that the invoice will be sent to the email address that was specified when the order was made. Invoice is issued with information that was given at the time of ordering.
Noteworthy : Invoice  issue date is the same as the date of the Agreement.
A separate request must be made to get a paper copy of the invoice.  It will be sent together with the Customers parcel.


4. Prices of goods , payment methods , procedures and terms.

4.1 Prices of the goods , in online store and shopping cart, are shown in euros , VAT is included. Prices shown are valid at the moment of order confirmation.

4.2 Customer have the right to use valid discounts , discount codes , loyalty cards and loyalty points provided by the Seller. For all aforementioned discounts to take action , Customer must enter correct information in designated fields provided while finalizing the order. Aforementioned discounts may change the price of the shopping cart.

4.3 Customer can pay for the goods with one of these methods that are provided in online store:

4.3.1 Online banking.
In these Terms and Conditions , online banking is considered an online payment system provided by paysera.com operated by “Paysera LT” LTD or other online payment system confirmed by the Seller and mentioned in the online store.

4.3.2 By using the PayPal payment system.

4.3.3 By bank transfer.

4.4 If delivery of goods is outside of the EU . The Customer is responsible for any TAXes , VAT , customs , or any other extra charges, that may or may not occur , depending on the country of delivery.

4.5 After choosing the payment method (specified in 4.3.1 and 4.3.2) Customer must make a payment to Seller's bank account within 24(twenty-four) hours from pressing the button “Order” . If the payment is not made, within specified time, the Seller has the right to cancel the order on the basis that the Customer refused to finalize the Agreement.

4.6 After choosing the payment method (specified in 4.3.3) Customer must make a payment to Seller's bank account within 5 (five) workdays from pressing the button “Order” . If the payment is not made, within specified time, the Seller has the right to cancel the order on the basis that the Customer refused to finalize the Agreement.


5.Parcel delivery

5.1. While making the order, the recipient must include the correct delivery address. Extra delivery charges may apply, they will be shown in the order Delivery section of the Internet shop. Delivery charge may be fixed or depend on Recipients order value, weight, size , delivery address and/or other parameters.

5.1.1 Customer can choose for parcels to be delivered by courier or post.

5.2 Parcel delivery by courier

5.2.1 When accepting a parcel the recipient (or his representative), together with the courier, must check if there is any damage to the package.
If the package is damaged , the recipient has the right to not accept delivery.In that case a representative of an organization providing courier services together with recipient (or his representative) must fill out a special delivery inspection report form provided by the representative of an organization providing courier services in which found damages must be specified.Also sign the acceptance-transfer document of the Goods or to confirm the acceptance of the goods in other ways recommended by the Courier. If a parcel is accepted without checking for damages , It is considered that the parcel was delivered in perfect condition.

5.2.2 Ownership of the goods transfers to the Customer the moment he accepts them from the courier. After that , any liability for damages can not be transferred to Seller or the courier.

5.3 Parcel Delivery by Post.

5.4 The Seller delivers goods to the Customer in accordance with specified time periods. Delivery time starts the moment Agreement is made. Time of delivery may change because of the circumstances mentioned in 3.6 sub-paragraph.

5.5 In any case Customer is at fault for late delivery or failure of delivery because incorrect information was provided , or circumstances created by the Customer , or  any case of force majeure, the Seller is released from any liability for timely delivery.

5.6 Customer must check the content of the parcel : packaging ,quantity , quality , assortment and completeness within 14(fourteen) days. If Customer doesn’t complete this task and no claim was issued within the aforementioned time , it is considered that packaging is appropriate and  quantity , quality , assortment and completeness was fulfilled by the conditions specified in the Agreement.

5.7 Seller is not responsible for any delay of delivery  that was caused due to the fault of third parties delivering the parcels.


6. Quality of goods

6.1 The Characteristics of every product is indicated in each product's description.

6.2 The Parameters of each product (color , size , shape etc.) may differ in real life from what's shown in online store. The seller holds no liability for this occurrence.