Keratin straightening treatment 16 oz (473 ml)

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Attention! This is one of the products in the keratin set - the "Straightening Treatment" is sold separately.

Shake the keratin bottle vigorously before use.

Keratin is the most important protein of skin, hair and nails. Treatment with this product restores the hair structure and perfectly straightens even extremely curly, unruly hair. If the procedure is performed correctly, the effect of straight hair lasts up to 3-4 months. The procedure takes approximately 2 to 4 hours, depending on the thickness and length of the hair. Hair becomes straight as a string and up to 70% more manageable. Benefits of Encanto do Brasil Keratin: The longest-lasting straightening effect (up to 3-4 months)

  • Hair can be washed immediately after the procedure (no need to wait 3 days)

  • After the procedure, the client does not need to use special shampoos or conditioners

  • Made in Brazil!


Frequently asked questions:

- What type of hair can be straightened?

Brazilian keratin straightening can be performed on all types of hair: thin, curly, dyed and others.

- What heat should the hair straightener be on in order for me to perform the hair straightening procedure?

It is recommended to use a straightener between 205 C and 230 C (depending on the type of hair).

- When can you dye your hair: before or after the straightening procedure?

Hair dyeing and hair straightening procedures cannot be performed at the same time, so it is recommended to dye your hair at least 2 weeks before the hair straightening procedure.

- When can you cut your hair: before or after the procedure?

It is recommended to cut the hair after the Brazilian Keratin treatment because the split ends are more visible after the treatment.

- Is it possible to straighten hair with Brazilian keratin Encanto do Brasil, if another type of keratin was used for hair straightening before?

It is allowed.

- Can pregnant women use Brazilian Keratin Encanto do Brasil?

It is possible, but not recommended.

- How long does the straightening effect last?

Results are visible for up to 4 months.

- Is it possible to perform the procedure on only part of the hair?

Not recommended. The best effect is seen after the procedure is performed on all hair.

- When is the earliest time to repeat the straightening procedure?

It depends on the hair type and personal preference.

- What type of shampoo helps to maintain the straightening effect for the longest time?

Studies have shown that sodium-free shampoo helps maintain the straightening effect for a longer period of time.

- Is it possible to skip at least one stage of the procedure so that it takes less time?

In order to have the most effective result, the procedure should be performed without skipping a single stage.

- When is the earliest time to wash hair after the straightening procedure?

One of the biggest advantages of Encanto do Brasil is that the hair can be washed immediately after the straightening procedure.

- Is it possible to perform the hair straightening procedure yourself?

Not recommended. These products are intended for professional hairstylists, so the best results are obtained when hair straightening is done by a licensed person. Also, when performing the procedure yourself, it is difficult to evenly distribute the keratin on the hair.

- How can sensitivity to this product be mitigated?

Ventilation is one of the most effective measures. Do not perform the procedure in a small and closed space. Always use gloves and a protective mask.

- Do Encanto do Brasil products contain formaldehyde?

There is no formaldehyde in the Encanto do Brasil products.

Washing. Thoroughly wash your hair with Encanto do Brasil pre-procedural shampoo (Clarifying Shampoo) 2-3 times. Dry your hair with a towel. Do not use any conditioner.

Lubrication. Put on rubber gloves and a respirator (mask) in a well-ventilated room. Shake the bottle of Encanto do Brasil Straightening Treatment (Straightening Treatment) well and pour a little of the product into a plastic container. Do an anti-allergy test by applying a very small amount of keratin to the skin (watch for redness). If the skin does not appear irritated, continue the procedure by further dividing the hair into small equal sections. Distribute the product on the hair leaving a gap of 0.5 cm from the hair roots (do not apply the product on the hair roots). Once you've applied the Straightening Treatment Keratin all over your hair, leave it on for 15 minutes.

Drying. Blow dry your hair on medium heat until completely dry. Then straighten the hair with a flat straightener (205-230 C), one strand at a time 6-7 times (depending on the thickness of the hair). After straightening, let the hair cool down - wait 30 minutes.

Rinsing. Wash your hair again with pre-treatment shampoo. Drain them until damp. After dividing the hair into small equal sections, start applying the Post-Treatment Conditioner just below the roots of the hair, from the top to the ends of the hair. After applying to all the hair, leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse the hair a little with water (leaving about 50% of the product in the hair).

Drying. Dry the hair until completely dry. Then straighten the hair with a flat straightener (205-230 C), one strand at a time 6-7 times (depending on the thickness of the hair). After completing this step, you can enjoy obedient, soft, shiny and perfectly straight hair from morning to night. You can comb and wash your hair as you wish.


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