CITY cleansing shampoo 300 ml

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QOD CITY 30 cleansing shampoo 300 ml. is intended to prepare the hair for the QOD CITY 30 DAYS STRAIGHT EFFECT hair mask procedure and prolong its effect. Contains polymers and conditioning elements that protect against the effects of heat.

Best to use before: Look on the product.

Country of origin: Brazil.

Responsible person: HM Indstria e Camercio de Produtos de Beleza LTDA.

The QOD company has various keratin products for deep hair restoration and straightening effect. Differences between QOD products:

QOD Max Organiq/Red Organiq - 40% deep hair restoration, 60% straightening effect.

QOD Gold Organiq - 50% deep hair restoration, 50% straightening effect.

QOD Max Silver - 30% deep hair restoration, 70% straightening effect + protection of dyed hair from color fading.

Apply to wet hair, massage well and rinse. If necessary, repeat the washing. Next, apply the QOD CITY 30 DAYS STRAIGHT EFFECT hair mask.

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